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Aerial Photography
  Air Show Productions specializes in air-to-air photography and through our associate Top Flight TV, videography. Based in the Sacramento, California area, our staff experience in aerial photography, mission planning and post flight production extends back many years. We have committed ourselves to produce only the most superior aerial photography possible. We can provide you with stunning images and/or high definition video of your aircraft in flight with the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills, lakes and rivers providing a backdrop. We also can arrange to photograph your aircraft over Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, Yosemite and the San Francisco Bay Area with the lake, vineyards or the Golden Gate Bridge as beautiful backdrops.

The aircraft owner/pilot will determine the location and time of day, however it is strongly suggested that photographic sessions take place at sunrise or one hour before sunset under forecasted clear and relatively calm meteorological conditions. This will ensure optimal lighting conditions and the best possible images/footage of your aircraft. A variety of aircraft, including helicopters are available for each photo shoot. The photo aircraft will be determined by the type of aircraft being photographed. For safety reasons, each pilot and photographer/videographer are required to go through a detailed briefing. Such briefings include airspeeds, locations, restricted areas, frequencies, emergency procedures and more.

Our aerial photography services have the ability to photograph anything that flies fast or slow - from ultralights, helicopters and airships to warbirds, high performance aircraft and jets, we do it all. For examples of our quality work, take a look at our photo gallery. If your desire is only the best air to air photos and videos of your aircraft at a reasonable price, please contact us today at (916) 871-0476 or e-mail us to discuss how we might approach your custom air to air photography session.

All images presented are the exclusive property of Air Show Productions and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. Prints are available for sale unless otherwise noted. Any copying or reproduction of the images without specific permission is prohibited. Thank you and enjoy the images!